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Wellington to Christchurch

Including Akaroa

sunny 22 °C

Wow!!!! What a day 😃
We left Wellington at 8:20am and arrived in Christchurch at 9:15am. Was so amazing to fly parallel to the east coast of NZ.
Picked up a car at the airport, which was upgraded unbeknown to us
Got to Bec and Walt's at around 11:00am and then Bec and Walt took us on a road trip to Akaroa. Stopping at Little River on the way and top of the hill for a sneaky beer.
Akaroa was beautiful the fish and chips were amazing!!!!!
Met a strange lady who freaked us out and a cat who sat next to me with a broken jaw and so I got it a piece of fish, turned around and it had disappeared 😱! Omg no one saw it leave and it freaked us all out! Saw a guy who somersaulted into the water and then tried swimming to the pontoon but kept pulling to the left and ending up at the shore! 🤣🤣🤣 he travelled so far to get so close!
On the way back we stopped at Birdlings Flat. Mind- blown! The stones are so worked by the crazy current they are round and smooth and just amazing!
Back at Bec and Walt's they put in a beautiful BBQ for dinner and then we sat around and had heaps of laughs!
Wonderful day from beginning til end!

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Wellington - Lyall Bay

Last day of IOGKF Oceania Gasshuku

overcast 18 °C

Richards birthday today and final day of training in Wellington, NZ today. Started at the ASB sports centre at Kilbernie, then Richie and I walked to Lyall Bay!
Started with Nakamura Sensei then moved to our groups. Sensei John Marrables from Dunedin NZ is such an inspiration and a joy to learn from.
After lunch we went to Lyell Bay for Beach training with Nakamura Sensei..... sooooo cold and then Windy Wellington lived up to its name ❄️🌧
Thank you IOGKFNZ for such a wonderful event!
Then on our walk from Lyall Bay Beach to Kilbernie we learnt that there is a roaring 'Blade Trade' haha. A guy had about 30 packets of Gillette blade packets and he was selling them to another dude... kinda looked like a drug trade haha.
We saw a person with no bike, a helmet which was covered in coloured foil and a hi-vis vest on, with flower pants... 😳
We also learnt where the Tsunami Safe Zone is 😱
Then we snuck back to the hotel for a sleep before Dinner. We kind of slept through the alarm but got to the pub and had dinner with the Aussie Crew!
Dinner always at JJ Murphy's Irish Bar! Was awesome! Great company and heaps of laughs!
Can't wait to get to the South Island!

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Day two of training

semi-overcast 23 °C

Day three - IOGKF Oceania Gasshuku, Wellington, New Zealand
Huge day of training today.
Started out with Nakamura Sensei in the morning then Sensei Simon from NZ in the late morning then Nakamura in the afternoon.
Learnt so much!
Followed by a wonderful dinner at a beachside cafe.
Early to bed ready for another day of training tomorrow!

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Wellington City and IOGKF Gasshuku


Day two - Wellington!
You're welcome Wellington! For the awesome weather we brought over with us! Not one cloud all day and a gentle breeze!
We walked along the city's ocean front-so well done! From the HMNZS ship to the diving platform!
Went to the first training session at the IOGKF Oceania Gasshuku. Met Nakamura Sensei who has come all the way from Japan for the event. Such an amazing man and awesome to watch!
Went down into a display of the base plates they put under all the buildings here to help against earthquakes..... was so interesting but I had a panic attack when I leant down and looked through the window to see right under the museum 😢 nearly sicked and had to run out, so embarrassed.
Had a wonderful day and enjoyed walking everywhere today.
Finished the day with fresh waffles!

Mel & Rich

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First leg done!

Brisbane to Auckland

sunny 26 °C

We have just arrived in Auckland. We are here for 4 hours and will head to Wellington where we will be staying at Cambridge Hotel in Wellington.
We flew from Brisbane to Auckland in an A380 with emirates and it was spectacular! After watching a movie, we
Had a sneaky game of battleships! Obviously I had to 'secret squirrel' my moves from Richard the strategist!! Haha (FYI- it was a tie)
When we were disembarking we asked the purser if we could have a look upstairs... the crew graciously gave us a guided tour through first class and business class !! Mind=blown!!!!!
The crew were all lovely and the pilot referred to her(the aircraft) as a gentle giant! Richard did not even realise we had taken off back in Brisbane haha
One thing I love about Emirates... the service and efficiently boarding and disembarking! Nothing was a problem for the crew and the crew we had today spoke 17 languages collectively!!

Next leg.... here we come!

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